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Hello chuck, how are you? Thanks for doing my site it looks wicked!!!! 2 things: 1. I do worry about you...writing in your own guest book...oh dear, and 2. my other half wrote in your guest book in 2000...was it you who told him to put a shorter suspension linkage on his FT to raise the ride height with the standard shock? Anyway, I'll see you soon to chat about my site www.harrishawkracing.co.uk (I've got to plug the site at every opportunity...I nearly wrote something rude...ooops) and also at some New Era races. There's just no getting away from me. Angie xxx
Angie <harrijm1@tiscali.co.uk>
United Kingdom - Got here via:Other(My Website!!!!!!!!)
27/01/2004 19:21:52

I have a CBR 600 f3 and it is a canadian import, could anyone tell me where i could find a 2nd hand black front mudguard for it please , this site is very good from Davy
Davy <davyhippy@hotmail.com>
United Kingdom - Got here via:Other(freeserve)
23/08/2003 07:58:28

Glad to see you're up and running again Lee!
United Kingdom - Got here via:Yahoo()
13/07/2003 04:32:26

Steve, Good luck with the next race and don't forget 'GIVE IT THE BIGGIN' go for it geezzer
Dersingham - Got here via:Yahoo()
08/04/2003 12:00:09